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Well, it may be crazy to think a man can only have sex with five people for the rest of his life, but goddamn I want to try.

- Wolf (Future Man)

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Recent Reviews
Love Life 1.0 by swoo
This is like Sex and the City but only about one woman's romantic life instead of four and not fu...

The Flash 10.0 by Craftstar15

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels 2.0 by swoo
Disappointing sequel series to original Penny Dreadful, interesting setting, bad writing, stopped...

I Know This Much Is True 3.0 by swoo
Well made but incredibly depressing. For Mark Ruffalo fans only.

Anne with an E (Anne) 8.0 by swoo
Very earnest kids show also pretty enjoyable for adults - without the end of the world stakes/cyn...

Normal People 6.0 by swoo
Well made show that must have lost a ton of internal dialogue/narration from the book, most of th...

The Sopranos 9.0 by Dominic Seoane

Run 2.0 by swoo
Four episodes in, this has a bit of thriller and romance and close to zero comedy.

12 Monkeys 8.0 by D.T.

Vinland Saga 8.0 by swoo
Most of the characters do horrible things (based on modern standards) broadly based on historical...

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