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Recent Reviews
The Outsider 8.0 by swoo
Starts as murder mystery but four episodes in - this is really good about making the hairs on the...

Luther 5.0 by swoo
This is so bad it's good. Some of the victims are so foolish you start to root for the perpetrato...

Avenue 5 2.0 by swoo
The first two episodes are surprisingly terrible considering the creator made Veep and In the Thi...

James May: Our Man in Japan 9.0 by Magic Mike
Best series by solo James May yet. Does a decent job of avoiding all of the overly done touristy...

Dracula 5.0 by swoo
Follows main details of book so you may not want to see story you've seen before. This is told wi...

The Witcher 5.0 by swoo
Decent production values, some good sword fight scenes, and lackluster writing. Could be a decent...

Star Trek: Short Treks 5.0 by swoo
Mostly introductions to characters and parts of storylines that flesh out characters in the Disco...

The Mandalorian 4.0 by swoo
For Star Wars superfans, this has a ton of fan service in every episode. I imagine the helmet is ...

Infinity Train 8.0 by Magic Mike

Sorry for Your Loss 5.0 by swoo
Sort of a mystery show where they slow roll out the facts like first season of Heroes or This is ...

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