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Sir Alexander Dane: Could they be miners?

Fred Kwan: Sure, they're like three years old

Sir Alexander Dane: MINERS, not MINORS

Fred Kwan: You lost me

- (Galaxy Quest)

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Recent Reviews
The Sound of Your Heart (Maeumui sori) 8.0 by swoo
Extremely funny, similar to early seasons of Arrested Development without English wordplay jokes ...

Strangers from Hell (Taineun Jiokida) 6.0 by swoo
felt like this should have had much shorter episodes or less episodes because it just reused the ...

Forest of Secrets/Stranger (Bimilui Soop) 8.0 by swoo
thriller procedural that uses familiar tropes to great effect revealing just enough to raise susp...

Barbarians 5.0 by stefan
Its pritty interesting but lacks depth and at times feels like a kids show

Hotel Del Luna 5.0 by swoo
Could not buy romance and gave up after eight episodes. Some shows can do a love over centuries b...

Signal (Sigeuneol) 9.0 by swoo
mixes familiar police procedural with time travel in interesting ways, emotional roller coaster t...

Schitts Creek 5.0 by swoo
This takes about 25 episodes to get funny, starts off being mostly mean before starting to mellow...

Raised by Wolves 7.0 by swoo
This show is silly, crazy or genius but am looking forward to the second season. As a practical ...

Kingdom 9.0 by Val

The King: Eternal Monarch (The King: Youngwonui Gunjoo) 5.0 by swoo
Could only make it through four episodes, some people say it gets better by episode eight but I c...

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