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American Dad! (2005)

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Last aired: Yule. Tide. Repeat., Mon Dec 21, 2020
The random escapades of Stan Smith, a conservative C.I.A. Agent dealing with family life, and keeping America safe, all in the most absurd way possible.
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Season 15:

100 Years a Solid Fool


Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's Story

A Starboy is Born

Tapped Out

Brave Noob World

Into the Woods

One Fish, Two Fish

Exquisite Corpses

Trophy Wife, Trophy Life

Game Night

American Data?

Salute Your Sllort

Ghost Dad

Men II Boyz

First, Do No Farm

Roger Needs Dick

The Old Country

Businessly Brunette

The Chilly Thrillies

Dammmm, Stan!

The Last Ride of the Dodge City Rambler


Yule. Tide. Repeat.

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