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Dickinson (2019)

2 seasons 4.0/10 from one review
Last aired: I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain, Fri Nov 01, 2019
An inside look at the world of writer Emily Dickinson.
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TV Maze rating: 6.9

IMDB rating: 7.2

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Season 1:

Because I Could Not Stop

I Have Never Seen 'Volcanoes'

Wild Nights

Alone, I Cannot Be

I Am Afraid to Own a Body

A Brief But Patient Illness

We Lose - Because We Win

There's a Certain Slant of Light

'Faith' Is a Fine Invention

I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain

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Another Period
One user recommends

swoo wrote "Turns modern anachronistic behavior dial to 11 and for parody not drama/comedy like Dickinson."

The Great
One user recommends

swoo wrote "a much funnier fictionalization of a historical woman's life in 18th century"


4/10 - swoo
After three episodes, not sure why to continue watching. It feels like someone wanted to drop the main character from the movie Edge of Seventeen into 1800's. This has been kinda done with Another Period. Good performances and only intermittently funny, the anachronisms add nothing, feels hamstrung by need to be historically accurate about Emily and not enough humor or drama, though it has more literature jokes for English majors than most TV. The shifts in tone are extreme from drama to fantasy to suggested rape to child abuse to comedy - it would be hard to pull this off successfully. Contrast with show like Gentleman Jack about a female writer in the 1800's where the series is loosely based on her journals/historical accounts and is interesting just for her story told in a straightforward manner. Found two episodes mostly funny out of ten in first season, primarily because of supporting characters.
review updated: November 15, 2019

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