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The Irregulars (2021)

One season 1.0/10 from one review
Crime   Drama   Fantasy   Mystery  
All episodes have aired. Show has ended.
Set in Victorian London, the series follows a gang of troubled street teens who are manipulated into solving crimes for the sinister Doctor Watson and his mysterious business partner, the elusive Sherlock Holmes.
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Season 1:

Chapter One: An Unkindness in London

Chapter Two: The Ghosts of 221B

Chapter Three: Ipsissimus

Chapter Four: Both the Needle and the Knife

Chapter Five: Students of the Unhallowed Arts

Chapter Six: Hieracium Snowdoniense

Chapter Seven: The Ecstasy of Death

Chapter Eight: The Ecstasy of Life

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1/10 - swoo
I could not sit through more than 20 minutes of the first episode so not for me
review created: March 29, 2021

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