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Better Off Ted (2009)

2 seasons 8.0/10 from one review
Comedy   Sci-Fi  
All episodes have aired. Show has ended.
In a science-based company, a manager tries to keep control of his scientists while being pressured by his shrewd boss.
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Season 2:

Love Blurts

The Lawyer, the Lemur and the Little Listener

Battle of the Bulbs

It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal

The Great Repression

Beating a Dead Workforce

Change We Can't Believe In

The Impertence of Communicationizing

The Long and Winding High Road

Lust in Translation

Mess of a Salesman

It's a Party and I'll Lie If I Want To

Swag the Dog

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8/10 - swoo
Extremely funny send up of the life of the office worker.
review created: August 20, 2018

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